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Take Flight - Insurance for Canadian Snowbirds

TAKE FLIGHT is the ideal travel insurance policy for persons aged 50 or older travelling anywhere in the world. The policy has up to $5 million in coverage for emergency medical expenses. There is 24 hour support from a team of travel experts and the backing of a multilingual 100% Canadian company.

Included in the $5 million total benefits are:

- Private hospital accommodation for emergency medical care

- Emergency, medical, surgical or anesthetic services

- Emergency extended health benefits such as:

o Prescription drugs

o Diagnostic and laboratory services

o Ambulance services

- Accidental dental and emergency dental

- Transportation of a family member or friend to your beside

- Emergency transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility or Canadian hospital

- Return of vehicle to your home or rental agency

- Emergency round trip – get a free flight home and back for an emergency

- Trip break – return home for up to 15 days without interrupting your policy