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Visitors to Canada Insurance

Visitors to Canada Insurance 
This insurance will provide emergency medical  coverage for sickness and accident. Persons who are not
Insured under a government health plan should purchase this coverage.  This will include these persons;
  • new immigrants to Canada awaiting provincial coverage
  • visitors to Canada
  • returning Canadians awaiting provincial coverage
  • international  students

Daily hospital costs in Canada can exceed $3,000.00 so without insurance you would have to pay this out of your own pocket. We suggest a minimum limit of $50,000.00 but you can purchase up to $300,000.00.Pre-existing conditions can be covered if stable for 120 or 180 days depending on the insurance company up to age 85. The policy can be purchased for up to one year at a time and can be renewed.

Coverage can be purchased before or after arrival in Canada. When purchased after arrival there is a waiting period for sickness coverage only. The policy  can be purchased with a deductible to reduce costs.

21st Century travel is the only company offering coverage for stable pre-existing conditions up to age 85.A medical declaration needs to be completed. 21st Century also has the best limit of follow up coverage after an emergency. Their limit is the overall policy limit . Other companies might have a limit of $3,000.00 or one visit