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Travel Medical Insurance Exclusions

Travel insurance does not cover every type of medical claim. When purchasing insurance you should be aware of what is not covered. We will discuss a few common exclusions in this article.

Excluded are claims expenses once an emergency ends and the attending physician states you are able to return to your home province. There will be coverage for a follow-up visit with some insurers but a re-occurrence of the condition causing the claim will not be covered. Should you decide to remain out of the province there is no coverage for the condition in question.

Another common exclusion is for losses resulting from participation in speed contests in excess of 60 km per hour, professional sports activities or organized motor sport contests. Scuba diving may also be excluded unless you are certified by an internationally recognized program such as NAUI or PADI. Check your policy carefully for its sports exclusions. One USA insurer, HCC, will cover motor sports under its ATLAS plan when you add the sports rider.

Abuse of, or intoxication due to alcohol, drugs or medication prior to or during your trip is excluded. This exclusion is common to all policies in some form. Should you have a few too many drinks and fall and injure yourself there is no coverage.

Travelling against your doctors advice. There is no coverage should the insurance company find out. This exclusion is in all policies.

These are only a few of many policy exclusions. Travel insurance does not cover everything. Please read your policy over to see what is covered and not covered.